Monday, September 17, 2012

Where is the manufacturer code on a Goodyear tire?

Most Goodyear tires are manufactured in North America and some in South America. To locate the manufacturer date on a Goodyear tire is to look on the sidewall and locate the 10 to 12 digit serial number. Find the last four and this is the manufacturers date, the first two, are the week of the year numbered between 1 and 52. The two digits after that lets you know what year it was manufactured.

There is no other place that the manufacture dates would be on Goodyear tires because it is required by federal law to place the manufacturing dates on the sidewall of tires. All other identifying information is listed along with the date. According to the National Highway Administration, manufacturers of tires and vehicles recommended replacing tires that range from six to ten years of age because aged tires can lead to serious blowouts that can cause accidents.